For the Fun of Pickleball

To get me out of my jobless funk, my husband started to pressure me to play pickleball with him. PICKLEBALL! As if I needed that! I was laid off. I wasn't on vacation.
But he persisted. He’d leave me no excuse. Our child? Grandparents are babysitting. My shoes? They were in his backpack. Extra paddle? He packed three.
Finally, I gave in and joined him on the court. And, we played our socks off.

Pickleball is special. It’s unlike any other sport. Here's why:

Pickleball is fair.

Age, gender, and athleticism don’t matter. All that matters is skill.
Pickleball is a game of constraint. The mechanics of pickleball limit you from using brute force or power moves. Running around the court? You're doing it wrong.
It's kind of like race car driving in its fairness. Able-bodied players of any age or gender can battle against each other. The only advantage among players is mastery.

Pickleball is egalitarian.

You'll notice equal treatment and respect for all players on the pickleball court. No matter who the player is. No matter what the player looks like.
I have seen buff young men get whopped by 80-year-old women. It’s refreshing and humbling. And, that's part of the allure of pickleball.
You can never judge a book by its cover, so players show up eager and open to play anyone.

Pickleball is social.

The atmosphere of openness makes pickleball social and fun. Most players aren't aloof. All they want to do is play.
If you show up alone on the court, players will invite you to play doubles with them. What other sport is so welcoming to strangers?


When teams and groups show up on the court, it's also common to see diversity. Intergenerational teams. And, friends of any gender playing with and against each other.

All of these qualities makes pickleball fun. It's a sport that doesn't take itself too seriously. That's why we love it. And, that's why I chose to start a business around it.
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